‘The pen and paper are passé, check on these latest gadgets and spread the news, the digital way’

This advertisement was on paper, may be not printed through pen but certainly through the inked nib of a printing press… It’s for the new age journalists who are spreading news ‘the digital way’…

New Media as we call it, or online media has pervaded our lives through internet and today experts advocate it and call it the more reliable source of information or news than television or print media. It is certainly faster than its other counterparts, accuracy is high. But the one aspect which makes it absolutely unique and which has made us believe that ‘pen and paper are passé…’ is its interactivity.

New Media has revolutionized the way we look at news or information. Not only can a reader read, listen and see what he wants online, he can give his views. The chance to interact gives a personal touch to this particular form of medium of expression. The user feels involved; there is a feeling of being heard and given importance.

Commercialization has posed a threat to the face of print and television news. In present times where money ‘can buy any thing’, there have questions raised more often than usual about the ethics in journalism. Every piece of news can be taken at face value, news seems to be manufactured more than being reported and people are getting paid for not reporting or reporting ‘custom made’ news. Can ‘new media’ be the solution to all such problems un-ethical journalism?

Internet has certainly made lives easy for all of us, getting any information from any where is at tip of our fingers… but can the same internet or should we say ‘new media’ be a more reliable source of news, views and information? That we are yet to see…. it certainly has helped in voicing opinions of people which otherwise might have been lost. It gives an opportunity to write and depict the reality to the one who has access to the net… comments, analysis and views can be posted and reported by any one and everyone… but how far is this information and news not influenced by the ‘news-manufacturers’ is yet to be seen…. till then all we can hope for is that new media becomes one source which can be relied upon, saved from the demonic destruction that print and television media is facing by commercialisation…

When ever anything new or positive happens there is always a negativity which stems around it… With new media came ‘new crimes’. Hacking, virus transfer, breaching of privacy, sale of information given on the internet, etc… all this and more. There is a new breed of criminals who commit such crimes on the net, and till recently where able to get away with it. Stealing money was not a big issue as one expert hacker could hack into people’s account and get the money transferred. Tracking someone on the net or retrieving their private information is a click away.

The Law all over the world now has become active since this problem aggravated to such a level that it affected people to a great extent. There are now a set of protocols and laws and we have e new set of crimes called ‘Cyber Crime’. This new set crimes have to dealt with iron hand as more and more people are becoming dependant on technology for their important and not so important wrok in life. Above all else the users need to be more aware of their behaviour online. They need to be more careful and aware of what they are doing. Knowledge about account keeping, cookies, bugs, trackers etc can help one from landing in a lot of trouble. Even a tiny hint of odd behaviour in regards to online accounts should be taken seriously and dependence on technology should not be blinding.

After all it’s us who should drive the technology and not the other way round….


we humans always look for things which are ‘big’… we want big money to spend… we want big houses to live in.. big cars to drive… everything big , big , big… in our quest for getting big things and making big we tend to forget things which are small… or rather which we consider small…

small things make us happy… that happiness just cannot be compared… and when we are alone , thinking … we remember those moments of happiness… it brings a smile on the face… invariably the corners of our lips twitch… it makes us feel better… makes us feel wanted, feel loved, makes us feel that life is worth living….

it could be anything… a cute little puppy on the road… that small flower in the bush… a stupid nonsensical joke… a poke in your arm pits… the sight of the person you love most, standing with open arms…. anything…

what made me smile, actually what made me write this piece was a ‘spoon’…. weird… my coffee arrives and i pick the spoon up to stir the sugar i just put in it made me smile… it was tiny and cute…. such an insignificant thing made me smile that day and today its the source of memories of times that were good… times when i was happy… and at peace.

small things make us happy… they matter more than anything ‘big’…. they make life worth living …

my blog

i start blogging… at last… not because everyone else is doing it but cause my teacher in class told me to do so… that in itself was a motivation enough to do what i had been contemplating … after all its about getting good grades… 😐 our grading system can work wonders… just the threat of getting low marks is enough to get people to even walk upside down…
anywho… being a media student has its advantages and disadvantages… you come across innumerable issues to discuss… yet its tough to jot down a few points when it actually comes down to sitting and writing , blogging in this case… ah.. yes.. got one..

since last few days i have been thinking on and of… thinking whether i would remain the same person, that i am today, when and if i become successful…famous… rich… etc… does success really get on people’s nerves ?? do they become ‘snobs’ and stop giving a rat’s ass about ‘anything’…after they are ‘successful’..?

well… 3 idiots…  in general the crowd loved the movie… inspite of critics not giving it very high marks and calling it an extension of munnabhai series, ‘engineering’ being the target here. its makers and stars are raking in crores… everyone in the caste and crew can’t stop celebrating… yet after the release there was someone unhappy… aal was not well with him… mr.chetan bhagat complains of not being given due credit… it was even surprising for me to not find his name anywhere… neither the starting nor the ending… when all of us, who have read his book and seen the movie, know that the story line has been adopted from his novel. ofcourse the usual bollywood masala had to be there to ensure its commercial success…the hero couldn’t be a failure or even delve in mediocrity… so some changes were made.. story was given filmi twists and turns…  the question is why was there no mention of mr. bhagat… would the mention of his name deprive mr.hirani from the title of one the celebrated film makers of bollywood or mr amir khan of his marvellous acting credentials…? would it bring any less money in their pockets or any less number of awards…?

whether it was a part of the contract or not… personally i wouldn’t be threatened by giving credit where it is due if i was someone like mr.amir khan… yes,but  the fact remains that i haven’t reached to that level of success and fame to understand and justify their behavior…

whether its arrogance or insecurity… i have not figured it out yet… i guess i will have to wait to become a star, famous and powerful, to figure it out…

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